SACKit is unique Danish design. We create functional lifestyle products made from high quality materials. A SACKit product is a product that you will continue to enjoy for years! We never compromise on function or quality in our designs.

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SACKit CHARGEit Silver_393 (Black)

SACKit MOVEit Wifi & Bluetooth (White Dusty Blue)

SACKit WOOFit S (Snow White)

SACKit TOUCHit Headphones (Silver)

SACKit WOOFit S (Midnight Black)

SACKit WOOFit Dab+ Black (Dusty Blue)

SACKit ROCKit Earbuds (Ruby)

SACKit CHARGEit Gun Metal_773 (Navy)

SACKit WOOFit Go X Black_1151 (Light Grey)

SACKit WOOFit Go (Black)

SACKit CHARGEit Silver_612 (Rose)

SACKit MOVEit X Wifi & Bluetooth Black_1171 (Dark Grey)

SACKit CHARGEit Gun Meta_373 (Plum)

SACKit TOUCHit Headphones (Black)

SACKit TOUCHit Headphones (Golden)

SACKit ROCKit Earbuds (Pearl)

SACKit MOVEit X Wifi & Bluetooth Black_1900 (Black)

SACKit WOOFit S (Gun Metal)

SACKit MOVEit X Wifi & Bluetooth Black_1991 (Dark Green)

SACKit CHARGEit Silver (Grey)

SACKit WOOFit Headphones (Black)

SACKit WOOFit S (Copper)

SACKit ROCKit Earbuds (Onyx)

SACKit ROCKit Earbuds (Sapphire)

SACKit WOOFit Go X Black_1171 (Dark Grey)

SACKit WOOFit Go X Black_1991 (Dark Green)

SACKit WOOFit Go X Black_1900 (Black)

SACKit WOOFit Go (Silver & Dusty Blue)

SACKit WOOFit Dab+ Black (Black)

SACKit MOVEit X Wifi & Bluetooth Black_1151 (Light Grey)

SACKit WOOFit Headphones (Golden)