Caran d’Ache


– Design in life.

Located in Geneva since its inception in 1915, the Maison is committed to creating and developing writing and drawing instruments combining the finest materials with the most advanced, innovative skills – including some that are extremely rare, such as the exceptional art of authentic Chinese lacquer done by hand in the ancestral manner.
Caran d’Ache comes from the word “karandash” that is the Russian term for “pencil” and in turn comes from the Turkish root “kara tash” which refers to black stone – the origins of graphite.This natural material found in the mountains of Switzerland gave rise to the first Swiss pencil factory set up in Geneva in 1915. Nine years later, in
the hands of its founder, the visionary Arnold Schweitzer, it took the name of the famous illustrator became known as Caran d’Ache.

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849 Classic Ballpoint Pen – Grey

849 Metal-X Ballpoint Pen – Red

849 Plume Fountain Pen – Blue

844 Mechanical Pencil – Red

ECRIDOR XS Mechanical Pencil

844 Mechanical Pencil – Grey

FIXPENCIL Junior – Green

ECRIDOR Roller Pen

849 Classic Ballpoint Pen – White

849 Plume Fountain Pen – Orange

FIXPENCIL Junior – Blue

ALCHEMIX Ballpoint Pen – Wenge

849 Classic Ballpoint Pen – Blue

849 Plume Fountain Pen – Purple

849 Classic Ballpoint Pen – Yellow

849 Classic Ballpoint Pen – Green

FIXPENCIL Classic 3mm – Red

844 Mechanical Pencil – Sapphire Blue

FIXPENCIL Classic 3mm – Black

ECRIDOR Ballpoint Pen

849 Classic Ballpoint Pen – Swiss Flag

ECRIDOR Fountain Pen

ECRIDOR Mechanical Pencil

FIXPENCIL Classic 2mm – Black

849 Metal-X Ballpoint Pen – Blue

FIXPENCIL Classic 2mm – Red

Graphite Pencil with Eraser

849 Gift Ballpoint Pen – Gold Bar

FIXPENCIL Classic 3mm – Blue

849 Plume Fountain Pen – Red

844 Mechanical Pencil – Black

849 Metal-X Ballpoint Pen – Turquoise

840 Plume Fountain Pen – Black

849 Metal-X Ballpoint Pen – Violet

849 Plume Fountain Pen – White

FIXPENCIL Junior – Red

849 Plume Fountain Pen – Green

849 Classic Ballpoint Pen – Sapphire Blue

Graphite Pencil – Short

Graphite Pencil

ECRIDOR XS Ballpoint Pen

FIXPENCIL Classic 2mm – Blue

849 Plume Fountain Pen – Yellow

849 Metal-X Ballpoint Pen – Black

844 Mechanical Pencil – White

ALCHEMIX Ballpoint Pen – Carbon

849 Gift Ballpoint Pen – Brut Rose

849 Classic Ballpoint Pen – Red

849 Classic Ballpoint Pen – Black