HB&P’s Customized Gift Design in HK and Asia Pacific

Tailored Gifting Solutions to Embody Your Brand

In the corporate sector, knowing where to begin with finding the right business souvenir ideas, take-away gifts or personalized brand message can be a daunting and time-consuming process.

That’s why, here at HB&P, we create tailormade gifting solutions from our full range of products and iconic brands. Our teams work alongside you and your vision to create memorable souvenir corporate gifts that will resonate with your recipients and your corporate brand identity.

KEEP-IT COOL Water Bottle

Why stress? Impress!

Tailored Gifting Why Stress?

When companies come together, seize the opportunity to leave the right impression. Often, this involves unique company souvenir ideas. So, whether it’s for new business developments, conferences, rebranding projects or PR campaigns, make sure your guests leave impressed.

Start A Fan-Base with Loyalty Programs

Tailored Gifting Fan-base

Having various company souvenirs ideas doesn’t have to be for corporate meetings and conferences, especially in a modern and online world. If you’re a brand with a fanbase or a start-up building rapport, begin using customized branding solutions with souvenir corporate gifts through loyalty programs and giveaways. This way, you can attract and retain your most loyal brand followers.

Staff Retention & Incentives

Staff Retention & Incentives

Everyone likes to be rewarded for doing a good job. And, one way to do this involves using our HB&P service to create personalized souvenir corporate gifts. Keep your corporate culture and valued staff engaged and performing at their best by gifting your office heroes with branded merchandise.

We provide corporate souvenir ideas and programs across Hong Kong and beyond. Talk to us today about your target audience and what your gifting needs are. We’ll take your requirements closely into account to create a customized gift set that fits your needs to a tee.

Talk to us to tailor your custom gifting solution!

When you come to us to design your corporate gift creation, you can expect a fully bespoke experience from start to finish. We take a brand-first approach to ensure your purpose is met, and your end-product effectively achieves your goals using company souvenirs ideas.

With extensive marketing expertise across a breadth of industries, you can count on our Asia Pacifiteam to deliver unparalleled results. You won’t just get the perfect custom gift program, you’ll get unrivalled insight with value to take away from the experience.

Tailored Gifting Steps; Discuss with us, Tailor your program, launch!

If you have any questions about your next corporate souvenir ideas or custom-made gifts, we are here to help. Across Hong Kong, China, Japan, much of South-East Asia, and beyond, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service.

Tailored Gifting Steps

Simply reach out to us using the contact details below and our team will be delighted to provide the assistance you need.

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