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Trying to design something special to fit your company but need help with the look and feel?

Tired of rehashing the same old design?

Here at HB&P, we have access to leading brand partners, products and digital solutions to deliver the perfect corporate gift for any occasion. Our leading design team can come up with innovative, experiential designs that not only fits your occasion, but also your corporate identity and brand guidelines!

Talk to us about how we can design something special for your next event!

Event Experience Design

Event Visual – Artwork, logo, digital, print.

Event/Corporate Merchandise design and alignment.

Interactive Gift Set design

Internal Corporate incentive e-shop

The Corporate Gift Design Specialists in HK and Asia Pacific

Encapsulate your brand with the perfect custom gift to fit your business’ next big occasion. Across Hong Kong (HK), China, Japan and beyond, HB&P offers a bespoke service that brings your brand vision to life.


No matter what you envision for your business event or its accompanying gifts, our team has the expertise to make it unforgettable. We pay close attention to what makes your company stand out from the rest, employing proven strategies to capture the interest of your target audience and provide the ultimate branding solution.


For any business we work with, gift and event design are about more than simply offering a product. It’s about creating a tailored experience for your prime demographic to relish and enjoy, with a special little something to take away from it all.


Whether you’re an international enterprise, a fresh start-up company or a niche lifestyle brand, we have what it takes to make your big occasion go off with a bang!

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