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The Moleskine brand was created in 1997, bringing back to life the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries, such as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin. Today, Moleskine identifies a vast family of paper objects, smart notebooks and apps, bags, books, travel and digital device accessories and writing tools. Moleskine objects, both analog and digital, connect the owner to a heritage in art, literature and cultural and geographical exploration. They form an ecosystem of tools and services that provide for and connect the visionaries of the past with the makers of the future.

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Moleskine Classic Notebook – Large Black

Moleskine Classic Notebook – Large Prussian Blue

Moleskine Classic Notebook – Large Slate Grey

Moleskine Classic Notebook- Large White

Moleskine Classic Notebook- Large Scarlet Red

Moleskine Classic Notebook- Large Dandelion Yellow

Moleskine Classic Notebook- Large Daisy Pink

Moleskine Classic Notebook- Large Magenta

Moleskine Classic Notebook- Large Reef Blue

Moleskine Classic Notebook- Large Earth Brown

Moleskine Classic Notebook- Large Orange Yellow

Moleskine Classic Notebook – Medium Black

Moleskine Classic Notebook – Medium Prussian Blue

Moleskine Blend Herringbone – Large Black

Moleskine Blend Herringbone – Large Blue

Moleskine City Notebook – Hong Kong

Moleskine City Notebook – Berlin

Moleskine City Notebook – London

Moleskine City Notebook – New York

Moleskine City Notebook – Paris

Moleskine Classic Notebook – Medium Slate Grey

Moleskine Classic Notebook – Pocket Black

Moleskine Classic Notebook- Pocket Prussian Blue

Moleskine Classic Notebook – Pocket White

Moleskine Classic Notebook- Pocket Slate Grey

Moleskine PRO Notebook – Large Black

Molekskine Portfolio XS Black

Moleskine Smart Writing Set – Black

Moleskine Envelope, A4

Moleskine Go Click BallPen Black

Moleskine Go Click BallPen Prussian Blue

Moleskine Go Click BallPen White

Moleskine Luggage Tag Black

Moleskine Luggage Tag Cerulean Blue

Moleskine Luggage Tag Lemon Green

Moleskine Luggage Tag Magenta

Moleskine ID Toolbelt – Black

Moleskine ID Toolbelt – Boreal Blue

Moleskine ID Toolbelt – Slate grey