Lund London


Lund London was launched by British designer Daniel Lund Savage in February 2016. Daniel and his team are driven by a shared passion for creating beautiful products. From bright, collectable desktop stationery and bold bathroom accessories to beautiful barware and gifting, Lund London’s mission is to consistently deliver fresh, clever concepts and exquisite quality.

Brand Video


Skittle Bottle – Mini 300ml Turquoise and coral laugh

Lund Luxe Straw For Life – Gunmetal

Skittle Bottle – Mini 300ml Light Grey and pink heart

Lund Luxe Straw For Life – Rose Gold

Travel Cutlery Set – Mint

Bamboo Snack Box – Pink

Travel Cutlery Set – Grey

Cork’d Passport Holder

Skittle Lidded Candle – White and Pink

Skittle Lidded Candle – Turquoise and Dark Grey

Cork’d Luggage Tag

Skittle Lidded Candle – Lilac and Turquoise

Adventure Skittle Bottle Mini – Stainless Steel & Black

Cork’d Glasses Case

Skittle Straw for Life – Sky Blue

Bamboo Bento Box – Grey

Skittle Lidded Candle – Dark Grey and Sky Blue

Plant Travel Straw – Pink

Plant Travel Straw – Grey

Skittle Straw for Life – Mint

Adventure Skittle Bottle Mini – Stainless Steel & Khaki

Skittle Straw for Life – White

Skittle Bottle – Mini 300ml Pink and indigo

Skittle Bottle – Mini 300ml Indigo and turquoise

Skittle Straw for Life – Indigo

Plant Travel Straw – Mint

Bamboo Snack Box – Grey

Cork’d Wallet

Skittle Bottle Mini – Custom

Travel Cutlery Set – Pink

Skittle Bottle – Mini 300ml Mint and lilac

Skittle Straw for Life – Lilac

Skittle Straw for Life – Coral

Skittle Bottle – Mini 300ml White and dark grey

Skittle Lidded Candle – Indigo and White

Skittle Straw for Life – Turquoise

Skittle Bottle – Mini 300ml Dark Grey and mint

Skittle Lidded Candle – Coral and Indigo

Lund Luxe Straw For Life – Oil Slick

Bamboo Snack Box – Mint

Cork’d Cufflink Box

Skittle Bottle – Mini 300ml Lilac and light grey

Skittle Straw for Life – Pink

Skittle Hip Flask – Mint

Adventure Skittle Bottle Mini – Stainless Steel & Blush

Cork’d Watch Travel Case

Bamboo Bento Box – Mint

Skittle Straw for Life – Light Grey

Skittle Hip Flask – White

Lund Luxe Straw For Life – Gold

Skittle Straw for Life – Dark Grey

Skittle Straw for Life – Rainbow

Skittle Hip Flask – Dark Grey

Skittle Bottle – Mini 300ml Sky Blue and white wink

Skittle Bottle – Mini 300ml Coral and sky blue

Bamboo Bento Box – Pink