Lu Ming Tang


Lu Ming Tang is a French skincare line born and nurtured in china, the fusion of French finesse and pioneering science with millenary Chinese tea wisdom.

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LuMingTang Green tea dew

LuMingTang Pu er tea soap

LuMingTang Tea bio shield super treatment mask

LuMingTang Jasmine bliss for hands

LuMingTang Earl grey soap

LuMingTang Creme de marie

LuMingTang Wulong tea soap

LuMingTang Jasmine bliss for lips

LuMingTang White tea dew

LuMingTang Tea foam cleanser

LuMingTang Green tea soap

LuMingTang Rose bliss for hands

LuMingTang White tea soap

LuMingTang Rose bliss for lips

LuMingTang Wulong tea dew