This is a talk of meetings and passions, travels and discoveries. This voyage has involved artisans, designers, lumberjacks, chefs and winemakers who have shared with us their dreams of creating objects for cooking and wine tasting based on Italian traditions and wine and food culture. These objectives are part of the regional traditions of our country. We have been able to create these collections today by bringing together two generations of participants in the little fishing village where we are based, on the shores of Lake Orta, since 1946.


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Legnoart – Wine decanter “Optimum”

Legnoart – Wine rack Enoteca

Legnoart – Corkscrew “Primitivo” – oak

Legnoart – Wine set “Memorabile” grand crue

Legnoart – Corkscrew “Pinot” – Oak wood

Legnoart – Wine decanter “Crook”

Legnoart – Corkscrew “Primitivo” – wengé

Legnoart – Wine set “Memorabile” crue

Legnoart – Wine rack Enoteca light ash wood

Legnoart – Corkscrew “Nebbiolo” – Light wood

Legnoart – Corkscrew “Ghemme” in stainless steel and wengé

Legnoart – Corkscrew “Pinot” – Wengé wood

Legnoart – Winged corkscrew wine bottle opener “Merlot” – beech wood

Legnoart – Corkscrew “Nebbiolo” – Grey wood

Legnoart – Corkscrew “Primitivo” – Buffalo and ram

Legnoart – Corkscrew “Ghemme” in stainless steel and deer horn

Legnoart – Corkscrew “Ghemme”- beech wood

Legnoart – Corkscrew “Ghemme” in stainless steel buffalo horn

Legnoart – Corkscrew “Primitivo” – Oak and wengé

Legnoart – Wine rack “Marea” in bent oak