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Brand partnership

In an exceedingly brand focused world our clients are always after something different and with more bespoke options to express their identity. HB&P meets this demand by partnering with brands who are recognized around the world.

By officially partnering with HB&P we aim to:

Help you expand your B2B presence in the APAC region
Promote you through our existing client base
Be an official pathway for your brand to reach a more corporate audience
Service custom orders who may otherwise go unfulfilled; perhaps due to small quantity, location or simply lack of time.

We are committed to help build your brand following properly. By understanding the unique qualities and features that each of our brands represents, we ensure your brand is presented to the right clients with the right products for the right occasion.
If you are keen on expanding your corporate presence in the APAC region with our more targeted approach, send us your brand proposal and we’ll be happy to chat.