Corporates are organizing and attending more live events than ever before. From conferences to networking events to cocktail parties, the demand for live experiences and greater audience engagement is on the rise. So if you want your event to stand out, you need to offer attendees an engaging, interactive experience.

How to get started — and inspired — here’s an idea!

Create an Interactive Conference with HB&P

One such format is an interactive conference. These sessions are led by a facilitator who guides the discussion with one or more experts. Instead of the usual handraising at the end of the session, attendees have the freedom to use mobile activated technology to raise their thoughts and questions. Not only is this quick it also allows even the shyest person in the audience to have a voice on a the wider stage – not just the bravest!

The facilitator and speaker can access these throughout the conference and answer the most thought provoking or popular questions posed by the audience. Similarly, on-the-spot polls can be conducted to gather instant feedback from the audience – something that would have taken a lot of prior preparation in the old days!

If quietly listening to a speaker drone on at a conference doesn’t resonate with you its unlikely to resonate with your audience either. That’s why many events are turning to new ways to engage and satisfy attendees.

How will you like to engage your audience at your next conference?

Interactive Conference

Gain audience engagement and gather instant feedback with an interactive conference