Giving a corporate gift that is useful is a major drawcard for both the giver and the receiver. Something that solves a problem is even better. Here are some ideas to tackle some of the productivity problems faced by the modern day executive.

#1 Background noise busters!

With open plan offices and increased uptake of shared spaces, noise cancelling headphones are a great way to mute distractions and help focus on the task at hand. I have also found them particularly useful for taking calls in a busy cafe and dialing into a conference call or webinar.  For something more discreet,  wireless earbuds for the office commute can help people get ‘in-the-zone’ for a more productive day. They are popular with business travelers too. Check out the ones with noise-cancelling features, wireless charging and even those with a built-in microphone.

#2  Health & Hydration

A more productive mind starts with a well hydrated body!  All too often I catch myself at the end of the day without having drunk enough water. According to some research, 3-4% dehydration can result in a 25% drop in productivity!  Fortunately, there are coffee mugs, tumblers, bottles and insulated flasks designed to keep everyone hydrated wherever they are.  There are also increasingly more eco-friendly options for companies who are committed to more sustainable business practices. 

#3  Procrastination poppers! 

With today’s relentless digital overload, notebooks and planners are always in demand for the productive person. Corporate notebooks come in different sizes, colours and even using sustain-ably sourced paper through to alternative materials like stone paper. There is also something quite refreshing about putting pen to paper, not to mention there is arguably a greater sense of commitment when jotting down meeting notes and setting out the goals for the week too!

What are some of your favourite practical and productive gifts?