Whether it is dragonboating or competing in the HK marathon, getting your team out there on the sports pitch is great for team bonding and boosting morale. To give your team the boost it needs to edge out your industry rivals, make sure your team is prepared!

1. Dress for success

This motto applies in the office but also on the sporting arena too. Having a corporate sports gear kit not only looks great but identifies who and what you are fighting for. Branded lifestyle merchandise, like corporate team kits, can make you feel more confident in your abilities, which could lead to an improved focus, motivation, and gains. According to the Journal for Experimental Social Psychology, clothing influences behavior and attitudes because it carries a symbolic meaning so what you wear subconsciously affects how you perform. Sports psychologist Dr. Jonathan Fader for the New York Mets likens putting on sports gear to getting into character for performance. “As a result, you expect to have a better performance, making you more mentally prepared for the task.”

2. Keep your team hydrated

According to research, when exercising, losing 2% of your body weight in fluids can cause measurable decreases in performance. Losing more than 3% of your body weight can cause heat exhaustion and even heat stroke in warm humid conditions. Thirst itself is not a reliable indicator of dehydration too so remind your team members to drink up to stay on top of their game. During competition, athletes can sweat out 6-10% of their body weight so arming your team with the right gear to keep themselves hydrated is an important part of every corporate team kit.

Customized Camelbak bottle

Camelbak bottles for corporate team hydration

3. Motivate and recognize effort

Whilst it is great to win, the experiences of competing together and the camaraderie earned along the way is equally important. Being part of your corporate sports team should be recognized as the benefits can continue long after the event is over. Before the event, motivate with winners trophies, keep them on the toes with training cards and leaderboards, stir up team rivalry to keep them amped. During the event, supporters gear can keep spirits high and after the event, cool down and recognize everyone’s hard work with individual or team medals (or even an ice cold beer!). All great ways to celebrate achievements made across the board.

So, corporate team kits, hydration and recognition are 3 ways to get your team amped and ready for the main event. We have a range of premium corporate gifts to choose from.

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