Schott-Zwiesel Crystal glassware

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Beautifully engrave Schott-Zwiesel crystal glassware with HB&P to mark a special event, gala dinner or conference and create the perfect personalized momento or branded custom corporate gift.

Schott Zwiesel is famous worldwide for its crystal glasses. Sommeliers, wine makers, internationally acclaimed chefs and top hotels in over 120 countries value the brand SCHOTT ZWIESEL.

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  • Schott-Zwiesel Crystal Cabernet 550ml

    $700.00 HKD$1,500.00 HKD

  • Schott-Zwiesel Crystal Champagne Flute 215ml

    $700.00 HKD$1,500.00 HKD

  • Schott-Zwiesel Crystal Sauvignon Blanc 408ml

    $300.00 HKD$2,000.00 HKD

  • Schott-Zwiesel Crystal Whiskey Carafe 750ml

    $1,800.00 HKD

  • Schott-Zwiesel Crystal Whiskey Tumbler 2pc Set 305ml

    $600.00 HKD

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    5 out of 5

Showing all 5 Results